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  • Nutrex Lipo-6 Hardcore Quemador de Grasa 60 Capsulas

    Maximum Fat Burner


    • Maximum Fat Loss Support
    • Fires Up Metabolism
    • High Stimulant Energy
    • Helps Reduce Appetite & Cravings

    Maximum Results

    LIPO-6 HARDCORE is for those who want maximum results! If you’re looking for an exceptionally strong product, this is the one.

    LIPO-6 HARDCORE creates an intense thermogenic effect to help fire up your metabolism. It gives you high stimulant energy. Its’ ingredient combination assists with appetite control and helps prevent food cravings.

    All in just one pill per serving.

    Burn More Fat

    Burning a maximum amount of fat entails more than just diet and exercise. The pitfalls are, you starve yourself, have low energy, diminished strength and eventually you’ll lose muscle too.

    LIPO-6 HARDCORE is a powerful tool to help maximize fat-burning and preserve lean muscle. It works via three pathways:

    1. It helps stimulate thermogenic heat, which leads to increased metabolic activity.
    2. It assists with appetite control, which is critical to prevent an over-intake of food and calories.
    3. It gives you high stimulant energy, so you can stay active, which keeps your metabolism at an elevated level.

    Just add 1 pill twice a day to your diet and workout regimen for a month, and experience how LIPO-6 HARDCORE helps transform your body.

    Direcciones de Uso

    Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon. For best results use daily for a minimum of 30 days. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

    *Regular exercise and proper nutrition are essential components for achieving your fat loss goals.