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    Macro-Nutriente indispensable para el Crecimiento Muscular

  • Proteinas de soja, veganas y de leche para aumentar masa muscular. Comprar proteinas online



    Aumento de Fuerza, Masa y Resistencia

  • Monohidrato de creatina para deportistas. Suplementos deportivos comprar online



    Tonifica y Disminuye tu % de Grasa

  • quemadores de grasa para definir musculatura. Comprar suplementos deportivos online

    Quemadores de Grasa


    Energía Extrema y Concentración para Entrenar

  • Pre entrenamiento o pre-workouts para aumentar rendimiento en el entrenamiento deportivo. suplementos alimenticios online


  • Aminos


    Optima Recuperación Muscular

  • Objetivo
  • Construir

  • Tonificar

  • Rendimiento

  • Recuperación

  • Bienestar

  • Marcas
  • Nutrex Vitrix NTS-6 Precursor Natural Testosterona 60 Capsulas



    Male Libido & Performance Booster

    • Male Libido Booster
    • Natural Testosterone Support NTS-6™
    • For Healthy & Strong Desire
    • Supports Workout Performance
    • Full 30-Day Supply

    Top-Selling Male Libido Booster
    For Over 18 Years!

    VITRIX is our top-selling male libido booster for over 18 years. While many products in the pro-sexual category have come and gone, VITRIX has stood the test of time.

    The reason is simple: VITRIX WORKS! It’s all natural formula has consistently been perfected by our formulation specialists. As science has evolved, our search to manufacture the most effective ingredient combination has produced a male libido boosting product, that continues to outperform.

    Natural Testosterone Support

    At the heart of VITRIX’ effectiveness lays our very own NTS-6™ formula. This unique, proprietary combination of carefully selected all-natural phyto-compounds works with the male endocrine system to help support healthy testosterone levels and strong libido function.

    In the Bedroom, In the Gym

    VITRIX is your all-around male performance enhancer. In the bedroom, it helps promote healthy desire, confidence and stamina. In the gym, it supports workout performance and brings out the alpha male. Daily and consistent use of VITRIX will produce maximum benefits. Each bottle of VITRIX is a full 30 day supply.

    ¿Como Tomar VITRIX?

    RECOMMENDED USE: Take 1 serving (2 capsules) one hour before working out or desired male activity. Otherwise take 1 serving (2 capsules) per day between meals. For best results use daily.